Kellie & Phil Go To The Movies – One Week

27 Feb

What would you do if you had one week to live ?

What would you do if you had one week to live ?

Ever since the snow began falling, I’ve been quite happily (and somewhat militantly) Australian; I hate the snow, I HATE winter, and I think you’re all out of your minds to love this season enough to put up with it year after year. But last night, I was reminded just how vast and incredibly beautiful your country is…

A work friend gave me a free pass for 2 to the Kingston Canadian Film Festival, so Kellie and I went out to see ‘One Week’. Josha Jackson stars as Ben Tyler, who is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and rebels against all his friends and family who want him to enter treatment immediately by buying a motorbike and driving West across Canada.

In all honesty, I was expecting run-of-the-mill, sappy, pap a la ‘A Walk To Remember’ (yes I saw that. AND read the book. Fuck you, don’t judge me!). I figured Kellie would enjoy it and I’d earn some brownie points for sitting through a sappy movie. Instead, I spent half the time laughing myself silly and the other half trying to keep Kellie from seeing how much I was crying. 10 minutes into the film I turned to her and whispered, “We’re buying this as soon as it comes out!” She nodded back so vigorously I was worried her head might fall off.

The director, editor and a producer answered questions after the film and one of them quite accurately described the film as “A love letter to Canada”. But, since ‘if you love Canada, go see this movie’ is an incredibly lame arguement, here are some more reasons to go see this movie:

  • Incredible sweeping vistas of your astoundingly beautiful country, from coast to coast. Banff, the mountains of BC, the badlands, Dinosaur Provincial Park… it’s all there
  • It’s funny. REALLY funny. In a deeply touching way
  • The soundtrack is phenomenal! Sam Roberts, Stars, Joel Plaskett, Emm Gryner, Wintersleep, and more!
  • The most hilarious bet 2 Newfies have ever attempted to win
  • You’ll never again see a movie that uses the ‘Roll Up The Rim’ contest as a device to further the plot
  • Cameos by Gord Downie, Emm Gryner, the Stanley Cup, Joel Plaskett and JIM CODRINGTON !

And… it even reminded me why I love this country too.

Opens March 6th

(Jim Codrington was my neighbour for 10 years. He played The Polkaroo on Polka Dot Door. When I was 10 years old, he used to let me go into his garage and read his comic book collection. That’s right, motherfuckers, I used to read THE POLKAROOs OWN COMIC BOOK COLLECTION ! Watch him on ‘The Border’. CBC, Mondays at 9 starting it’s 3rd season in the fall.)

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