The Loaded Challenge

Want some help learning new tricks and becoming a better rider? Want to save money on your next longboard? How about both ? That, my friend, is why God invented the Loaded Challenge. regularly publishes a series of 10 challenge videos with various tricks and combos. Learning all of the tricks, combos and challenges will not only help you become a better rider with more fancy tricks in your repertoire, but can earn you up to $150 off the purchase a Loaded boar, or even a free Loaded complete board! Even after the contest entry due date passes you can still complete a Loaded Challenge Series for $100 off a Loaded board.

In order to qualify for the discount, you must learn all 10 challenges, upload a video of you performing the challenges to your own Youtube account, and email the link to

For more details concerning contest details please visit the Loaded Blog. The original rules and guidelines are here with an update here. You can find links to each and every Loaded Challenge video below.

And remember, in order for your submission to count, you must be wearing a helmet.

Challenge Series 1

  1. Nose Manual
  2. Old School Kick-Flip
  3. Pirouette
  4. 360 Body Varial
  5. Cross-step, Cross-step, Shovit
  6. 180 Front-Side Powerslide
  7. 180 Body Varial & Hippy Jump
  8. Pushing Every Way Possible
  9. Curb Hops
  10. Coffin Carving

Challenge Series 2

  1. G-turn
  2. Coleman Slide
  3. Cross-Step, Cross-Step, Step-Spin, Pirouette
  4. 360˚ Power Slide, Front & Back
  5. Cross-Step, Shovit, Cross-Step Toeside, Backside Shovit
  6. No Comply Grab
  7. Toe-Side Cross-Step
  8. 360 Ledge Hops, Front & Back Side
  9. Giant Step Drag Kick
  10. Cross-step, Pivot, 180 Body Varial

Challenge Series 3

  1. Cross-Step, Switch Cross-step, Switch Cross-Step, Cross-Step, Shovit
  2. Hang-Ten Nose Manual
  3. Stalefish 180 Front-Side Powerslide, Switch Back-Side 180
  4. Cross-Step, Nose Manual, Shovit
  5. Cross-Step, Peter Pan, Backside 180 Powerslide
  6. Front Goofy to Regular Switches, Speedchecks Front & Back sides 2 each
  7. Toe-Side Cross-Step, Heel-side Cross-Step Twice
  8. Pressure Spin
  9. 360 Backstep
  10. Cross-Step, Toe-Side Cross-Step, Applesauce

Challenge Series 4

  1. Skip-Off, Skip-Off, Nose Manual, Shovit To Walk-Around 360, Backside Shovit
  2. Front-Side Powerslide,Bbackwards Pan-Step, Big-Spin
  3. Tail-Manual 4 Parking Spaces, Shovit
  4. 360 Powerslide to Backside Slide-Shovit
  5. Front-Side Tiger Claw, Backside Tiger Claw, Tiger Claw Between Legs
  6. Stalefish 180˚, Switch Stalefish 18
  7. 1 Handed Impossible
  8. The Clock
  9. Pan-Step, Backwards Toe-side Cross-Step, Backwards Heel-Side Cross-Step, 180 Finger-Flip
  10. Backside G-Turn, Swingaround

Challenge Series 5

  1. 1 Foot 180 Stalefish Slide
  2. G-Turn 4 Ways
  3. Slap-Down Ollie up a Curb
  4. Backside Powerslide Shovit, Backside Speed Check, Backside 180, Switch Backside 180
  5. Slap-Down Kick Flip
  6. 1-Foot Manual 2 Parking Spaces
  7. Cross-Step To Shovit, Cross-Step to Foot Underneath Shovit, Cross-Step to 1-Foot shovit
  8. Cross-step to Shovit, Cross-Step to Pivot, Bounce to Shovit
  9. Slap-Shovit off a curb
  10. Nollie C rack Hop
bs powerslide shovit, bs speed check, bs 180, switch bs 180

2 responses to “The Loaded Challenge

  1. longboardlover

    July 3, 2015 at 06:43

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful content regarding the loaded challenges. I would pay salute to your hard working, promise to stay here, best of luck!

  2. Anonymous

    July 7, 2015 at 05:19

    The Loaded challenge it’s still valid?


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