PHILm Review: The Adjustment Bureau

Unexpectedly thought provoking for a shallow, soft sci-fi romance.

­At first glance, I was expecting nothing more than a romance set in some watered down version of Dark City where the ‘strangers’ preferred a more 50s guise to looking like an army of Billy Corgan clones and spent their time meddling in people’s love lives rather than conducting interstellar experiments.

Generally Matt Damon has pretty good taste in terms of the scripts he gets involved with; I was doubly disappointed that he’d get tied up in this. So it came as something of a relief to find out that the film is actually an expansion of Philip K. Dick’s The Adjustment Team.

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Phil & Kellie Go To The Movies GRAND FINALE – Twilight & RiffTrax

The Twilight Movie Poster

Twilight, the inexplicably pervasive cultural phenomenon

Alas, we have reached the end of the series. The notes on movies Kellie and I watched together have run out. To give the series the grand send-off it deserves, we present a double-feature review! Today we cover the first film of the egregious Twilight saga as well as introducing you to your new favourite way to watch movies, the downloadable comedy commentary website  RiffTrax.

Curious as to the massive and inexplicable popularity of Twilight, Kellie picked the book up at Chapters and read a few pages. Describing it to me later she shook her head sadly and concluded, “It’s just a Mary-Sue“. I was unfamiliar with the term so she explained, “A Mary-Sue is basically a wish-fulfillment fantasy for the author or reader to read themselves into the lead role.”

So in deciding to watch the movie, rather than commit ourselves to 122 minutes of vamp-o-phile delusional fantasy, we decided to download the Rifftrax comedy commentary for the film and to watch both together. Read the rest of this entry »

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Required Listening For Humans: Holy F*ck, Live @ the Wolfe Island Music Festival

Every once in a while I stumble across a band that completely changes my understanding of what music can be. Holy F*ck are one of those bands.

I discovered them wholly by accident whilst making lunch at a friend’s house. I wandered into the living room take sandwich orders as they watched MTV. As my eye caught the screen, the sound caught my ears and everything other than the music ceased to matter. Entranced as the musicians swayed and pulsed over their tables, I pulled up a seat to find out who was responsible for the magical tones coming out of the TV, not uttering a word until the video ended, informing me I’d just experienced ‘Lovely Allen‘ by Holy F*ck.

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Phil & Kellie Go To The Movies – Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

The Potter Formula gets stagnant.

Kellie and I prepared ourselves for this particular cinematic outing by re-watching all the previous films. They tend to blur together in one’s memory and before starting we could only recall them thus:

  1. Chris Columbus’ simplistic and direct transposition of the 1st book, with incredibly painful acting
  2. Chris Columbus again with slightly less painful acting and a big snake
  3. The 3rd film, which actually had some character of its own, wherein Sirius Black is introduced
  4. The 4th film, cluttered and sloppily directed, in which Voldemort returns and kills the guy from Twilight (my favourite scene of the whole franchise)
  5. The 5th film in which, having realized that killing off characters is a huge draw to readers, J.K. Rowling kills off Sirius Black. Also, there was that big sequence with the shiny balls.

Subjecting ourselves to the Potter-athon proved more arduous than we’d anticipated, and by the time we slumped into our seats at the cinema it was difficult to distinguish the latest episode from those that came before. They’ve clearly spent the last 5 films perfecting the formula and the latest instalment doesn’t diverge from it at all. It’s rolled cleanly off the assembly line having satisfied those in the Blanding Department of Warner Brother who are minding the golden goose. Read the rest of this entry »


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Phil & Kellie Go To The Movies – Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

If only this movie could transform... into a better movie ! (19% on the Tomatometer)

If only this movie could transform… into a better movie!

Before we begin, I’ll apologize for the hiatus. Moving to Australia takes up quite a lot of one’s time, you see. I would also like to take a moment to acknowledge the loss of my movie-going partner. The team has split up, the glory days are over. There are enough notes for a few more reviews, and then I’ll have to start calling these reviews by another name, I suppose. But Kellie, they’ll never be the same without you.

On To The Review!

After the mediocrity of Transformers 1 destroyed the halcyon memories of my childhood days, I decided to set the bar low for this one. Very low. Upon entering the theater my expectations were that I was going watch 2+ hours of robots beating each other up. I was not disappointed.

However, if I’d had any other standards at all, like… oh, say a coherent plot, intelligible narrative structure, or even the tendency for a series of events to obey the natural laws of cause and effect, I would have been sorely disappointed. The action of Transformers 2 is (for a PG-13 rated film) of a disturbingly adult nature while the dialogue treats you like a child, and the plot treats you like a drooling imbecile. Read the rest of this entry »

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Required Listening For Humans: Tool, Live @ the KROQ Centre

On the 18th of May, 2001 three things happened. Firstly, I turned 18 years old. Secondly, Pope Jean-Paul II,  with whom I happened to share  my birthdate, turned 81 years old. And thirdly, I bought a copy of Tool’s 3-day-old  magnum opus, LateralusThere have been very  few albums in my life which have challenged my pre-conceptions and engaged my imagination to the point that they fundamentally changed my understanding of what music could be and do and accomplish.

Lateralus was the first of them.

I was lucky enough to attend two shows on the Lateralus tour, and those performances, with their monolithic video screens, mesmerizing light rigs, incredible musicianship, monstrous set pieces, screaming walls of sound, contortionists, acrobats, and laser shows have become, in my mind, the definitive ’10’on the scale against which I judge every other musical performance I attend. So you can imagine my elation when I found out that Tool were coming through Kingston.

I had tickets the same hour I heard the news.

Tool Live 1

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Frenchman Jean Yves Blondeau is Rollerman

Frenchman Jean Yves Blondeau is Rollerman

It has been observed that one should never doubt the courage of the French; after all, it was they who discovered snails were edible.

Jean Yves Blondeau has carried on this fine tradition of French fearlessness by strapping wheels to every surface of his body and throwing himself down hills at irresponsible speeds.

As a longboarder, I can respect this. I’ve often wished for full body armour, but had never thought to attach wheels to the whole thing; it not only does away with the need for a board, but turns you into the board. Read the rest of this entry »

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