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Phil & Kellie Go To The Movies – Terminator Salvation

Terminator Poster


The Terminator franchise has always left me feeling out of phase with everyone else.

I was 8 years old when T2, which seems to be the touch-stone for the ‘cannon’ of Terminator, hit theaters. While many my age and the young teenagers in the grades above somehow got to see it, my parents wisely decided it was not for my eyes. When I finally got to see it for myself several years later the industry had caught up to T2’s incredible special effects, and to this day I still don’t see much difference between it and the rest of Arnie’s back catalogue.

As for the other Terminator movies, watching T1 gives me the same sense of deja vu as Ridley Scott’s Alien; you already know what’s going to happen not because the film is distilled from a formula, but because it’s the original formula which enough unoriginal filmmakers have since lazily bastardized into mere templates for their own work. As for T3 ? Well… lets just let that sleeping dog lie.

Now along comes Terminator Salvation, which is suffering under the critical eye and the disappointment of fans, and again I seem to have missed the boat because, frankly, I quite enjoyed it.

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Phil & Kellie Go To The Movies – Star Trek

The Future Begins

JJ Abrams' franchise reboot is visually stunning and highly entertaining.

The first time I ever cried in front of Kellie was because of Star Trek.

It always resonated with me that one of the preconditions of Roddenberry’s great adventure was that humanity had not only united when faced with the discovery of intelligent alien life, but that our better qualities had come to the fore. We became peaceful explorers and builders, not warriors or conquerers.

I grew up watching Captain Jean-Luc Picard courageously explore the stars, steadfastly maintaining his (and by extension, humanity’s) integrity; consistently doing what was right in the face of insurmountable odds, never just what what was easy. Discussing this with Kellie one day, I simply burst into tears at the beautiful simplicity of Roddenberry’s vision of what we could can become.

So, going to see J.J. Abrams’ reboot of the classic franchise, I wanted more than just star ships, space battles, sci-fi gadgetry, alien oddities, and the original crew. I wanted to see that stalwart and uncompromisingly brave vision of humanity.

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