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Phil & Kellie Go To The Movies – Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

The Potter Formula gets stagnant.

Kellie and I prepared ourselves for this particular cinematic outing by re-watching all the previous films. They tend to blur together in one’s memory and before starting we could only recall them thus:

  1. Chris Columbus’ simplistic and direct transposition of the 1st book, with incredibly painful acting
  2. Chris Columbus again with slightly less painful acting and a big snake
  3. The 3rd film, which actually had some character of its own, wherein Sirius Black is introduced
  4. The 4th film, cluttered and sloppily directed, in which Voldemort returns and kills the guy from Twilight (my favourite scene of the whole franchise)
  5. The 5th film in which, having realized that killing off characters is a huge draw to readers, J.K. Rowling kills off Sirius Black. Also, there was that big sequence with the shiny balls.

Subjecting ourselves to the Potter-athon proved more arduous than we’d anticipated, and by the time we slumped into our seats at the cinema it was difficult to distinguish the latest episode from those that came before. They’ve clearly spent the last 5 films perfecting the formula and the latest instalment doesn’t diverge from it at all. It’s rolled cleanly off the assembly line having satisfied those in the Blanding Department of Warner Brother who are minding the golden goose. Read the rest of this entry »


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