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PHILm Review: Robin Hood (1938)

Robin Hood (1938)

Cinematic ‘First Girlfriend Syndrome’. Nothing else can ever compare.

This film was the first I ever owned; a VHS copy that was gifted to me by my brother John upon his arrival in this world. My parents must have loaned him the cash, but how he got to the video store I’ve never been able to work out. Now add the fact that the leading man (and quite understandably my childhood hero), Errol Flynn, was a fellow Australian, and I’ve already exceeded my nostalgia quota for this review before even reaching the second paragraph.

But this film really is the definition of a classic.¬†This movie contains such potent Hollywood magic that even Maid Marian’s horse became famous simply for starring in it! (“Golden Cloud” was purchased by Roy Rogers and subsequently become his faithful steed, Trigger.) The tights are so crisp and tight, the feathered caps so jaunty, the crimson reds, royal blues and glittering golds of Basil Rathbone’s tunic so impressively vibrant.¬† The film is a celluloid dream from the golden age of swashbucklers; back when Technicolor was synonymous with technology.

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