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PHILm Review: Sucker Punch

Leaving the theatre, I felt like a sucker… for having paid to see this.

You will doubtless know director Zac Snyder for 300 and Watchmen, his two comic book adaptations. The first was critically acclaimed and the second… well, not so much. His latest, Sucker Punch, is the next step down on his now steady decline.

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Kellie & Phil Go To The Movies – Watchmen

My round, yellow coaster came in very handy

My round, yellow coaster came in very handy

At 3:32 Friday morning as we stepped into the house, turning on the kitchen lights, pulling off our masks and loosening our costumes, Kellie turned to me and asked, “So, you’re going to write about this tomorrow, right? Like last time?”

At first I thought, ‘well, my friends won’t need a revue by me to help them decide whether to see Watchmen or not; they’re either going to, or they aren’t”. But I had so much fun going to see One Week, and even more writing to all of you about it, how could I not share our most recent cinematic escapades with you all?

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